Friday, December 6, 2013

Mr. Kreutinger's Art Class on the news!

Mr. Kreutinger's 2nd grade class was featured on the news last week. Just in case you missed it, here is the spot and the write up!

Special Guest in the Classroom

By WKBW News
November 22, 2013 Updated Nov 22, 2013 at 6:55 AM EST

Buffalo, N.Y. (WKBW) - A typical lesson in Mr. Adam Kreutinger's Art Class at St. Mark School in Buffalo involves a puppet named Lilly and a lot of imagination.
“All the kids know Lilly. They always want to call Lilly,” Kreutinger said.
Student Harper Fundelski said he smiles every time Lilly comes to visit.
”I think Lily is hilarious,” Fundelski said.
Lily is the Puppet the class believes they are Skyping with for certain lessons.
“I do it all the time usually during the holidays. I did it for the first day of school to introduce myself,” Kreutinger said.
This is what some of his students had to say.
“He does really amazing stuff,” Student Gia Piazza said.
“I like the puppets because they do funny stuff,” Student Abagail Smith said.
“She's amazing,” Student Katherine Porter said.
They say Mr. Kreutinger is not only an amazing teacher but he has many hidden talents outside of the classroom.
“I went to Buffalos State College and graduated a year and half ago. I'm so fortunate to have a job her at St. Marks. I love teaching and I used puppetry. I got into puppetry because I did theatre. Once I got into it, I hit the ground running,” Kreutinger said.
Mr. Kreutinger said this unique way of teaching reflex what he knows and loves.
“Something that I'm passionate about and if I can coordinate something I'm passionate about with my passion for teaching it makes everything better for the students,” Kreutinger said.
He said the kids are thoroughly engaged and that is his ultimate goal.
“Fun is the fuel for creativity and if they are having fun they will create their best art,” Kreutinger said.
Along with teaching, he also takes on other projects. Coming up in December he is involved with a play with six feet tall puppets that he made by hand.
“The Wizard of Claus. And there are big puppets like a snowman, reindeer and candy cane,” Kreutinger said.
As far as the students go, they think he is a class act and more.
“You get to learn something and you get to laugh,” Student Jimmy Flennery said.