Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10 Minute Group Drawing Project!

On the first day of art class after Mr. Kreutinger presented his introduction, the art room rules and his expectations for the school year, each grade then had ten minutes left at the end of class to create an original piece of art as a group.

At the front of the room there was a 22" by 28" piece of white poster board facing away from the class. Each student was given ten seconds to make a mark or quick sketch on the poster. While they were drawing the rest of the class chanted the count down. After the last student finished their contribution the final piece was displayed at the front of the class. 

Here is an example from one of the 3rd grade classes. 
To follow up the art making process we did a class critique and analyzed the art. The students discovered symbolism in the piece that they didn't even realize was there. They decided that the drawing represented  the "Art Class". For example: The figures in the piece represent how the class is a community and the flowers represent how the students will grow as artists over the school year.