Thursday, October 17, 2013


This 2nd grade art lesson at St. Mark School was inspired by one of ANDY PARKER'S - WEATHER MACHINE - Weather words of the day. 

The word was "CIRRUS".

The word "CIRRUS" made Mr. Kreutinger think about how often students draw clouds in the art work we create in class. So he put together a presentation on the four major types of clouds:


During Mr.Kreutinger's presentation the students took notes and wrote a description for the different clouds.

The first type of cloud they drew was the CIRRUS (the weather word of the day last week).
Cirrus clouds are wispy and high up in the sky. To create that wispy effect the students used oil pastels and gently made marks on the paper. 


The next type of clouds we created were the STRATUS clouds.
STRATUS clouds are flat and look like a white blanket is covering the sky. To create these we used the oil pastels again but this time we pressed down harder to get the right look for a STRATUS cloud.
Then we made the CUMULUS clouds. These are the classic puffy clouds that students tend to draw in their artwork. To make these we used white paint!

Lastly the student created their CUMULONIMBUS clouds. these are tall dark clouds that can make thunder and lightning. We used gray paint to make our CUMULONIMBUS clouds!

Here are some finished pieces!

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